Cosmic Dreaming NYE 2018/192018-11-25T02:55:55+00:00

Get ready for a unique supply of mind altering and soul healing frequencies.  You can expect the full range of psychedelic trance, ranging 100bpm to 200+.

Starting with a unique blend of “Dubstep/Traphop” with progression through the psychedelic trance spectrum, from Chilled Forest all the way through to Hi-Tech.

This is an old school, love and respect, kind of event, with “old school” kinds of ideals.

Let’s all connect to the rhythm and beat like we used to and get back the unison and ideals we all used to enjoy.  A snap shot from the golden era.

Visual delights will be a plenty, with flow artists and performances yet to be announced.

A professional sound system for your auditory delight will be present as always.  Not to mention spectacular lighting and visuals, supplied by the one, the only, Owen. There is only one Owen!

As usual, this is a “LEAVE NO TRACE’ event! For how can we connect with our Mother through music, love and dance, yet trash her at the same time?  Please, no litter of any kind. Only bring what you can take back with you.

Bring only love, leave only footprints- This means that only GOOD vibes will be welcome here. Any violence of any kind will result in the removal of yourself and the rest of your party from this and any future events brought to you by 2cu3t productions. We have a ZERO tolerance violence policy.